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North Carolina Pawn Law: 

Click here: North Carolina General Assembly - General Statutes - Chapter 91A: Pawnbrokers Modernization Act of 1989.


Precious Metals Act: 

This year the North Carolina Pawnbroker's Association acted as advisor for the North Carolina Legislature during the modernizing of the Precious Metals Act.  Due to the success and history of our law and the wisdom of the Legislature, anyone wishing to deal in precious metals will be subject to many more restrictions and responsibilities.  The efforts of our members and lobbyists assured that we'd be exempted from these changes.

These changes severely regulate and limit the abilities of the "fly by nights" and those operating most in parallel with us, but without the constraints.  We believe that this will prove to be a great help to law enforcement in their search for stolen merchandise as well as leveling the playing field for us.

Please note that while this looks like a draft, it is the law that is on the books.  The updated version on the legislative sites is due soon.

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