Welcome to the North Carolina Pawnbroker's Association!!!

We are the professional trade association for the Pawnbroking Industry in North Carolina.  We were formed in 1989 and have continued to develop and serve the Pawn industry and our community ever since.  We are dedicated to promoting the positive image of our industry by establishing ethical and professional standards by which our members stand.
We continue to work with our state and local legislators and law enforcement to ensure a positive relationship with our communities.
Please use our website to learn a bit more about us and/or as a platform to join our ranks.  If you have any questions about us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please keep in contact with us on Facebook!!!
NCPA Office
Elaine Christian:  Executive Director
Fax:  919-878-7413
Email:  elaine@execman.net
To Apply, click to download our application:

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